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Time Management

There is no exaggeration in saying that the process of moving furniture and personal items from one house to another is extremely stressful, especially in those cases when a lot of items are involved.

In order to simplify things a specialized company can be hired, that handles almost everything, with the exception of packing, which you will still have to do yourself. Leaving aside the cost involved, this alternative looks excellent for all those for which time represents an issue.

There is however a downside to hiring a specialized company, apart from having to spend more money. The people that will handle your items, even if they are experienced in what they do, and have a professional attitude, will still consider the things as mere objects. Because of this, damage to items might occur even when using a professional company.

You are the only one who knows how much effort has been required to purchase those items, and even most importantly, the huge personal significance of them. That is why you are the only one that can ensure the moving of your items from one place to another in one piece.

Companies that offer moving truck rental services represent a solution in this case. You can rent a truck and move the stuff in your own free time, but in order to do that effectively and without much stress you should consider managing your time well, so that you can get the job done as soon as possible.

4 weeks before moving

  • Start analyzing your house and inspecting your items. Before you can contact the moving truck rental company you need to have a good idea about the quantity of items involved. Never underestimate the space required for all your things, instead, make sure that you have some free storage space in the truck. You never really know when extra space is needed.
  • After you know the quantity of items involved contact the moving truck rental company and tell them. They will recommend a truck large enough to store everything. Also, find out all the conditions you must meet in order to be able to drive the truck. This can vary from company to company.
  • Then go and buy appropriate supplies that will help you pack everything accordingly. Get more boxes than needed. You never know.

3 weeks before moving

  • Before actually starting packing, it can be a good idea to do a full house clean up. Throw away all the junk items that you will never need. If there are also some clothes that you do not plan to wear, it would be much better if you give them away to charity. However, make sure that they are well cleaned before doing so.
  • Start packing all the items that you do not need every day. Keep everything well sorted as it will be much easier to unpack them.
  • Fix any problem involving the transfer or canceling of contracts for utilities. Delaying them will be of no use.

2 weeks before moving

  • Continue packing. Try to find the best ways to put everything in boxes without the possibility of them suffering from damage on the road.
  • It is also the time to start calling friends. You will not manage to load and unload everything in and from the truck by yourself. At least two friends are necessary. Getting more than two would be ideal.

1 week before moving

  • Call the company that is going to rent you the truck and make sure that there is no delay. Also make sure that the initial deposit that needs to be paid in order to rent the truck has been accepted.
  • Pack almost all the items, leaving only those that you cannot live without. Call your friends over and find solutions on how to easily get the heavy stuff out from the house on the day when the truck arrives.
  • Make sure that nothing breaks. At the end, celebrate with your friends the memories you had involving this house with beer.

1 day before moving

  • Everything should be packed now, and all the boxes should be organized in the room that is the closest to the place where the truck will be parked, to make the loading easier.

The day when you move out

  • When the truck arrives make sure that it is in a good condition. You would not want it to run out of fuel after a few kilometers. A serious company will always take care of these issues, but you never know.
  • Start loading everything inside with the help of your friends. Arrange all the boxes carefully so that they will not move on the road.
  • Before leaving make sure to check one more time the house for anything that you might have missed.
Carefully managing your time, while moving your items from one place to another, is essential to the overall success of the operation.


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