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Moving Out For The First Time

Moving can be complicated, especially if you do it for the first time. There are many items that you have to pack, in order to be able to carry them safely to your new location. The furniture is heavy and requires quite some space. The electronics need to be carefully put in their boxes in order to be protected from any shocks while the rest of your personal objects need to be completely safe while on the road.

In order to simplify things, the services of a professional company can be employed. However, this will only save you from the pain of having to carry the items to your new location. You will still need to pack everything and organize the boxes in a way that provides easy access for the company's personnel.

A few companies can go as far as offering services for packing too, especially in those cases when the number of items is very big. Even though this can eliminate most of your concerns, it is not recommended. Nobody will ever treat your items with the same care as you.

If you prefer to handle things on your own, then the possibility of renting a truck and carrying the items to the new location by yourself is also available. Getting a truck does not cost that much money and is not necessarily a complicated process, as many companies are specialized these days in providing vehicles for the transportation of personal items.

With a company or on your own

If you will decide to let a company handle the work for you, you will still have some things to do. Besides finding an experienced and professional company, which might be very difficult in some areas, you will have to take care of the supplies needed for packing, because rarely companies provide them. Boxes and tape are the essentials, yet depending on any special items that you want moved, other supplies might be needed.

You will not generally spend that much on these items and that is why you should not necessarily try to make an economy while buying them. The supplies are very important for the overall safety of your items and will also allow you to easily unpack, once you reached you destination.

When doing things by yourself, besides the packing, you will also have to reach an agreement with the company that will rent you the truck. This might add some more nerves, nevertheless take everything easy and be patient, and things will slowly settle.

Once you are there

After you reached your new house you should make sure that you unpack all the necessary things first. The rest can remain in boxes and you can unpack them gradually. Here are most of the essential things that you will need to unpack.

  • The bed: The first thing you need to make sure is placed accordingly. You will not want to sleep on the floor.

  • The dresser: Do not start sorting your clothes already. Just get a few of them that you will need the most. A few clean shirts, a few pairs of jeans and of course, socks and underwear, is everything you will need for now. You will have enough time later, once most of the things are unpacked, to arrange all your clothes.

  • The mirror: If it did not already break on the road then you might consider placing it accordingly. The chances are that you should already find one at the bathroom. If that is not the case then place it near the dresser.

  • The couch: It is ideal for relaxing when sorting all the things out. Try to place it in a spot in which you will not bump into it while unpacking the rest of the items. If you are by yourself and the couch is comfortable enough you can also use it to sleep on it without having to arrange the bed from the start.

  • The refrigerator: You should place it from the beginning on the spot where you plan to keep it. Make sure that it is correspondingly plugged to electricity.

  • The table and chairs: You will have to eat somewhere. Also, you can use it as a desk until you place your real one appropriately.

  • Everything else you need in the kitchen: Bowls, dishes, spoons, forks, knives, coffee maker and everything else you will need for eating and preparing drinks.

  • The trash can: Do not forget the trash can.

  • The toolbox: There are so many chances that you will need this while arranging things in your new house, so it should not be forgotten.

You will always need the above mentioned items, so do not forget to sort them out first, before proceeding with unpacking the rest of things. As long as you have them the rest can stay in boxes for quite some time, until you are in the mood of arranging everything.

When moving for the first time, be extra careful with packing and once you reach your destination unpack the essential things first.


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