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Is Every Rental Moving Truck the Same

How often do people move? Most families move at least once every five years. Single people move even more frequently. These simple facts keep moving companies and moving truck rental companies busy throughout the year. Every moving company has a fleet of moving trucks, and every moving truck rental company also has their own fleet of moving trucks. Without these work horses, the moving industry would not exist.

Moving can get expensive, but there are ways that you can cut your moving costs by as much as 50%. Rent your own moving truck and do the move yourself. This is the best way to keep your moving costs down, but before you get behind the wheel of a moving truck, make sure that you know everything that you can about moving trucks. has put together this list of things to take into consideration when you are renting a moving truck.

Which size moving truck is the right size

Moving truck rental companies offer moving trucks in several different sizes. This is often the number one concern when looking for a moving truck, and it is also where most people make a mistake. Is extremely important that you get the right size moving truck. The whole reason you are renting a moving truck is to make moving easier and more affordable, getting the wrong size moving truck could mean multiple trips. Multiple trips do not make moving easier or more affordable. They make moving stressful and more expensive.Luckily most moving truck rental companies have made it easy to determine which size moving truck to choose.

Moving trucks are classified by their size, and also by the amount of furniture that can be loaded into them. For instance, a moving truck may be classified as a 20 foot moving truck, and it can also be classified as a moving truck that can hold the contents of your average three bedroom household. Make sure that you get a truck that is big enough to handle all of your belongings. Never underestimate what you own. The longer you have lived in one place, the more likely you are to accumulate a lot of things. Make sure you consider everything that you plan on taking with you. It may be a good idea to walk around the house and take note of everything. This will help you familiarize yourself with just how much stuff you have.

Do features really make a difference

The features of a rental moving truck will make a huge difference in your comfort. Just imagine how difficult it would be to load a moving truck that did not have a loading ramp. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to make a cross country move in a moving truck that did not have air conditioning. These are just two of the most common features, there are many more to take into consideration.

Choosing a rental moving truck does not have to be difficult at all. makes it easier for anyone to find an affordable rental truck in their area. All you need to do is fill out one quick form, and we will handle the rest.

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