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Moving Truck Packing Tips

You have made the decision to move, and you have made the decision to rent a moving truck and do the move yourself. Congratulations, you just saved yourself thousands of dollars on moving expenses, but now you are faced with trying to figure out the best way to pack your moving truck. There are definitely some right and wrong ways to go about this. has put together this handy guide that will have you packing your moving truck like a pro in no time.

Get the right sized truck

This is the single most important part to successfully packing a moving truck. You must have the right sized truck or you will never be able to pack everything in there. Moving trucks are classified by their size. You should have rented a moving truck that is comparable to the size of your home.

Time to start moving the heavy items

The first items to go in the moving truck should be the heaviest items. Start putting all of the large heavy appliances in the moving truck first. Things like refrigerators, the washing machine, the dryer and the stove should all go in the moving truck first.

The heaviest items need to be towards the cab of the moving truck. Make sure to use furniture padding between all of the heavy items. This will help protect them. You can also use old blankets if you don't have any furniture padding.

When you are moving the heavy appliances, make sure that you use an appliance dolly. Work smart, not hard!

Furniture time

The next item in the moving truck should be your furniture. It can be tricky getting all of your furniture to fit inside the moving truck, but if you take your time and analyze the free space then you will have no problems. Furniture will always take up a lot of space. You may be able to start putting some boxes in, under and around the furniture to make better use of your free space.

Furniture dollies make it simple for one person to move an entire couch. If you have a furniture dolly, then use it.

Keep a good balance

Do not put all of the heavier objects on one side of the moving truck. Try to distribute all of the weight evenly in the moving truck. If you put all of the heavier objects on one side of the moving truck, the moving truck can be difficult to control.

Move in with the boxes

Your boxes should be the next thing to move. This is going to be the easiest part of loading the moving truck. Make sure that you keep all of the heavy boxes on the bottom. Do not stack the heavier boxes on top of the lighter boxes.

You will also benefit from a hand truck. Hand trucks make it easy to move more than one box at a time. A hand truck will also keep you from hurting your back. Remember to lift with your legs, not your body. Working safe and smart are the two best ways to pack your moving truck.


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