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Packing Things

Even though the prospects of a new, bigger house seem very encouraging, everyone considers the process of moving things between the old and new residence as very stressful.

Considering the amount of items that need to be moved this is easily understandable. There are all the big items found in a house, such as furniture, and then all the electronic devices that are very prone to damage even after only a small shock while on the road, and then come all the small, personal things that everyone has collected during the years, those items that have a great significance and that cannot be under any circumstances forgotten or damaged.

The first thing you can do in order to ensure that all your items will arrive at their destination intact is to rent yourself a truck. In this way you will be the one that does all the work, but remember that you also are the only one who knows how important all those object are for you, and subsequently, you will make sure they will remain in one piece.

After that is settled, the only thing that is left is to make sure that everything is packed properly. Advice on how you can do this without nerves follows.

  • Supplies: Before you actually begin any packing you have to make sure that you have the proper supplies for this kind of job. Getting some dusty boxes from the basement and trying to fill them with all the items in your house will not get your very far. Buy a significant amount of cardboard boxes of all sizes and, if you do not already have, some packing tape. Additional supplies might be useful, but in general they are not necessary. Also do not forget to buy a marker, if again, you do not have one.

  • Inventory: Making an inventory of all the important items in your house can take time, but it can also ensure that once you have reached your destination and unpacked, you have everything. In the frenzy of moving you might simply forget about one item or another and possibly realize this only when it is too late. An inventory will also make the process of categorizing much simpler. Once the inventory is done, put the list in your pocket, so you will not lose it.

  • Filling boxes: Start with all those items that are not essential, those that you can live without for a few days, until you move. All the tiny things should be put in smaller boxes. Try to keep everything organized. Assign special boxes where you will put only clothes, and special boxes for the books. Do not start mixing items thinking that you will finish faster. That might be true, but once you will have to unpack you will realize that it is a chaos. Keep the boxes that contain fragile items on top, and remember to place them safely in the truck as well, when the time comes. The marker comes in handy now, as you should write on every box what it contains. Do not write on the top of the box, as that might get easily mixed up. Instead, write on one side. You can also add a number to each box. Do not use the packing tape each time a box is full, wait until you filled a few more and then check and double check the contents of each. This is the only way to make sure that you did not mix things.

  • Organization: Once most of the boxes are filled, place them in the room that is the closest to the main door of your house, so you will have an easy access to them once you get the truck. But remember that you still need to be able to move easily through your house, to check each room for forgotten items. Try to arrange them nicely, so that you will save space. 

  • One more list: Making another list while you wait for the rented truck cannot do any harm. Note down all the boxes and add their corresponding number that you written previously. In this way you will be able to unpack them easier once you reach your destination.
Make sure to check your house a couple of times after the rented truck is filled with all the boxes, to make sure that you have not forgotten anything. Check the basement too and all the other areas where something might have been left behind. Generally, something is always forgotten and people realize that only when it is too late to turn the truck. After you unpack make sure to check the inventory list of the objects that you previously made to confirm that everything is there.

With patience and attention all the items in your house can be properly packed in boxes and noted down, avoiding any issues.


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