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Finding an Affordable Truck for Rent

Finding a moving truck rental is definitely not as difficult as finding an affordable moving truck rental. Most companies offer quality vehicles, worthy of the fees that they demand, but sometimes, for some people, the sums involved can simply be too much, discouraging them from using these rental services.

In those cases, as an alternative, people tend to do things on their own and often end up damaging some of their items in the process. Considering the nerves involved in moving things from one place to another without using a proper vehicle, this affordable alternative of using your everyday car for moving things should be avoided at all costs.

Some general guidelines will allow you to find an affordable truck rental, regardless of the area in which you live in.

  • First of all you have to estimate the quantity of items that you will be moving. Depending on this, you will figure the exact size required for the truck. There is no point in renting a vehicle with a great storage capacity if you do not really have that many things to move. It will significantly affect your budget.

  • If you happen to have some special items that need to be moved, such as very heavy objects, then in most cases you will need a special truck to carry them safely. This might represent an additional cost, yet if you would use a normal truck for them instead, they might suffer from damage and you will end up with a bigger hole in your pocket than if you would have got a special truck from the beginning.

  • Try to estimate the period needed in order to move all your stuff, so you can rent accordingly, without having to pay rent fees for unnecessary days after your job is already done. However, consider getting the truck for a little longer than the period you think you will need it for, as complications might appear.

  • Finding some respected companies that handle moving truck rental in your area is the next thing to do. Get their contact information and call a few of them, in order to ask about their fees and any additional requirements that they might have. All moving truck rental companies will ask for IDs and other personal identification documents.

  • Besides calling various companies, you can also search the web for some moving truck rental companies from your area. Some have all the price related information available on their website. It is faster to find this kind of information via the internet.

  • After you get in touch with a few companies, note the information that you acquired and compare the prices. Make sure to consider the initial security deposit that most companies request and any other additional fees that apply in particular circumstances. Also, consider the quality of the trucks you are offered. The best deal should be in the end the one that offers the most complete services for the lowest price.

  • If you are still not fully satisfied with the prices you have to pay, do not hesitate to call back a few companies and ask for a discount. If you want to rent a big truck for a rather long period then you might get this discount without much problem, otherwise it is still worth trying as the competition between moving truck rental companies is more and more fierce.

  • Keep in mind that moving truck rental companies can offer significant promotions in some periods of the year, which can be used to your own benefit. Being constantly informed with their offers before planning to move things to a new place can be a good idea.

  • Discounts might be available even for the services of moving truck rental companies, so if you already moved things with a rented truck provided by a certain company, then if you need it again try to use the same provider and you might get a significant fee reduction. 

Being patient is generally advisable, and especially when trying to rent a truck. Some companies often have most of their trucks already rented, and in that case you might be tempted to accept a worse alternative provided by another company just so you will get the job done faster. Unless time is really essential in your case, then do not rush things, or you might regret it later on.

In the end, even if the price is the most important factor on which you will base your decision, regard others factors as well. The safety of your personal items should not be neglected because even if you save some money by renting a cheaper truck, the lack of safety that this might bring can affect drastically your financial situation.

Getting an affordable moving truck rental requires some research and a little patience, if you want everything to be covered and to avoid problems.


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