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The Checklist

Moving from one place to another is always a tricky job. There are so many things that need to be done that the preparations might take weeks.

Besides having to carefully categorize all your furniture and the rest of your personal items, there is also the issue of finding a company that offers quality moving truck rental services. Depending on the area in which you live, this sometimes can be really stressful.

If the truck rental is not a problem for you, then all the other things that are associated with moving still remain do be done in time, in order to avoid complications and even more nerves. Here is a checklist that should help you organize everything better before you move.

  • The first thing you should do is to get all your records in order. You can begin by speaking to your current doctor and to your insurance agent. If you also happen to have one or more kids, then you also need to contact the schools where each of them is going, so you can find out the most convenient way in which you can transfer their records to their future school. Also, use the internet or ask any friends that you might already have in the area where you are moving to about good doctors and insurance agents. Once you get there you will necessarily have to find them, so it is only better if you do this before. If you have this possibility, use it now to save some valuable time.

  • Perhaps you have a few memberships, to some clubs maybe, or to a certain pool or gym. Do not forget to transfer or cancel them before you move.

  • Before beginning actually packing and categorizing your items, it would be better if you first sort them out. You might find many items that you do not need or use anymore and you can either give them away or get rid of them. You will save some space in the rented truck and you will also have less packing and lifting to do. Depending on the type of your items, you might even be able to sell some and make some money. If you have many clothes that you do not plan to wear anymore wash them and give them to a charity in your area.

  • Once you sorted things out, start acquiring the supplies that will be useful when packing. Get a lot of cardboard boxes and packing tape. Always get more of these supplies than you initially think necessary for most of the time you will need even more.

  • After all the required supplies are gathered, use your next free weekend to begin packing. You should begin will all the items that you do not use regularly. Never start with your tooth brush, even if it is perhaps the easiest item to pack. Take things easy and do not stress yourself too much. Categorize everything carefully and make sure that you pack them properly, in order to avoid any damage that they might suffer on the road.

  • All the items that have a high value should be carefully noted in a list in order to avoid any future problems that might appear with the moving insurance.

  • Notifying all the service providers is the next thing to do. The companies that provide cable and phone services, the bank, and all the utility companies need to be informed so you can terminate or transfer the services to you new address, if the place where you are moving to is covered by them.

  • After the contracts are settled, continue packing the items that you use less and less. Keep only the essential items in your house. Pack the TV too.

  • It would be a good idea to contact the company that will be providing the moving truck rental services again, just to make sure that everything is alright and no delays should be expected.

  • With one or two days before the moving day pack the rest of the items. Be careful not to leave anything behind. All the small items that are needed everyday should be put in a special bag that will allow you to use them right away after reaching your destination. These should necessarily include: toothpaste and tooth brushes, soap, and a few clean shirts.

  • The day before the truck is yours dismantle all the large furniture that is left in the house and also, clean your refrigerator.

  • When you have the rented truck pack everything in a careful way, making sure the items will not get damaged on the road.

  • Before leaving check the house for any items you might have forgot. Look carefully in every room.

When moving keep this checklist in mind and you will avoid any issues that might appear because of things you forgot to do.


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