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Driving Tips When Renting A Truck

Driving a moving truck is not that hard as long as you know what to expect. The very first thing that you may notice when you get behind the wheel is the sheer size of the moving truck. It is a lot larger than a regular old car. This can give people a false sense of security. They instantly think that because the moving truck so big, that they are safer than if they were in a car. This is not true. A moving truck can be just as dangerous and sometimes even more dangerous than a regular passenger car. You can't drive a moving truck the same way you would drive a regular car or light truck. If you do, then you are just asking for trouble. offers these tips for driving a moving truck.

Always be aware of your surroundings

This may sound like common sense to most people, but a lot of people are not aware of everything around them when they are driving. They may be busy fumbling with their car stereo, or looking at their phone to see who just called. This is extremely dangerous in a passenger vehicle, and even more dangerous in a rental moving truck. Always be aware of everything around you at all times when you are operating a rental truck.


Part of being aware of your surroundings is knowing how tall your moving truck is. They are usually quite a bit taller than your average vehicle. You may or may not have noticed that every single overpass has a clearance in feet and inches painted on the front of it. This is done so that large trucks know whether or not they can fit underneath the overpass. The same goes for the moving truck that you will be driving. Make sure you know and understand how tall your moving truck is.

Keep an eye on your speed

Moving trucks are a lot larger than other vehicles. We have already established that. When you are driving a fully loaded moving truck down the highway, you have to be mindful of your speed at all times. This large moving truck packed with all of your stuff will take a lot longer to come to a stop in a small passenger car. The faster you are going, the more space you will need to come to a complete stop. Misjudging this distance can be dangerous for you and everyone on the road around you. Do not speed while you are driving a rental moving truck. You want to arrive at your new destination in one piece.

Parking will be an issue

You can't forget the whole size thing. Moving trucks do not always fit into regular parking places. If you get hungry, forget trying to get through a drivethru. The moving truck will not make it. The same goes for regular sized parking places. Most moving trucks will not fit in the same parking places as your average car.

Always remember safety first. Choosing to rent a moving truck is a great way to keep moving costs low, but you have to be responsible and understand the differences in driving a car and a moving truck.


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